first aid at beachIf you are feeling thirsty, satisfy your body with a refreshing drink of water!  Our bodies are comprised of roughly 75 percent water.  The fluid balance in our cells keeps our bodies functioning healthily.  Throughout the day, we lose fluids naturally as we breathe, sweat, urinate, and defecate.  Replenishing fluids is as simple as sipping water, or other healthy beverages.  However, if we do not replenish as much fluid as we lose dehydration becomes a risk.  Anybody, at any age, can become dehydrated. Knowing the symptoms can help you avoid the condition before it becomes severe.  

Symptoms of Dehydration

Adults and children can become dehydrated, but thirst is not always the best indicator that our body fluid levels are low.  You may be more prone to dehydration if you are suffering an illness, taking medications that affect bodily fluids, or exercising vigorously.  Be particularly alert to the signs of dehydration during periods of extremely hot or extremely cold weather. Symptoms of dehydration vary depending on age.  

  • Dehydration in Children

Children experiencing dehydration may present visible symptoms such as:  sunken eyes or cheeks, sunken soft spot atop the head of an infant, dry mouth or tongue.  A dehydrated child may not form tears when crying. Children may exhibit irritability or listlessness.  

  • Dehydration in Adults

Adults experiencing dehydration may experience less frequent, and dark colored urination.   Adults may become fatigued, easily dizzy, or exhibit confusion.  

Seek Medical Attention

Contact your medical provider if you experience or observe symptoms such as:  diarrhea for over 24-hours, bloody or black stool, and inability to keep fluids down.  If left untreated, dehydration may become severe and can lead to health complications.

Avoid Dehydration

To prevent dehydration, drink plenty of fluids.  Incorporate foods into your diet that have a high water content, such as fruits and vegetables.  For children, ensure water is available throughout the day by keeping a water bottle handy. Children will drink readily when thirsty.  

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