Find answers to questions we frequently hear. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (757) 224-0056 and we would be happy to answer your questions or concerns.

Can MD Express fill prescriptions or call them in?2016-11-21T11:26:39-05:00

We do not fill prescriptions at M.D. Express for your safety. Certain prescriptions can be called into the pharmacy of your choice.

Can you look at my records from other facilities?2016-11-21T11:25:50-05:00

We have limited access to some local record systems. You should always have a copy of your current medications with you.

Will I have to pay more for Labs/ X-rays or does my insurance cover it?2016-11-21T11:24:41-05:00

Most insurances provide coverage for procedures and X-rays. Please check with your carrier for specifics.

What vaccines do you guys do?2016-11-21T11:23:32-05:00

M.D. Express had the following vaccines/ test available: PPD/ TB test, Tetanus, Tdap, Hepatitis, Meningococcal, and Influenza.

Do you do sports physicals? How much do they cost?2016-11-21T11:20:07-05:00

Sports physicals can be completed at M.D. Express for $40.

Can MD Express do IV’s/ Sutures/ X-rays?2016-11-21T11:19:39-05:00

Yes, we are able to perform IV’s, Sutures and X-Rays. You can also be seen for a suture removal even if you did not have them put in at on of our facilities.

If my doctor writes a prescription for bloodwork/ X-ray can I have it done here?2016-11-21T11:19:06-05:00

You would have to be evaluated by our physician and if they feel it is necessary, then bloodwork/ X-rays can be done.

Do you do DOT physicals?2016-11-21T11:17:09-05:00

No, but we are able to do sports physical (high school and college), boy scouts, and some pre-employment physicals.

Can MD Express be my primary care doctor?2016-11-21T11:27:48-05:00

M.D. Express focuses on episodic care. We would be glad to refer you to a primary care physician or specialist, if necessary.