poison ivyIf you have an injury or aren’t feeling quite right, consider choosing your local M.D. Express Urgent Care first. M.D. Express Urgent Care is perfect for non-life threatening situations. You’ll generally receive faster treatment in a less crowded environment than going to the local hospital. Emergency rooms are your answer when you have a life threatening situation such as a heart attack or head trauma. But what about a broken bone or a fever and nausea?

Walk-In Treatment When You Need It

Your family doctor’s office may not be open, but your urgent care can fit you in quickly. Walk-ins are a huge benefit to those traveling who don’t have a doctor nearby, or when it’s off-hours. Let’s be honest, life happens at inconvenient times. We all know somebody who has been hurt on the weekend after their doctor’s office is closed. Or, as a new parent, you’re wondering what to do when your child wakes up with a high fever on a weekend. Maybe you’ve sprained your ankle during Thursday evening run? Urgent care will have you in and out with quicker treatment than your local emergency room.

Community Care

Having an urgent care available provides a huge community benefit. When people use this service, it takes pressure and strain off an overwhelmed and busy hospital. M.D. Express Urgent Care can even handle x-rays, standard tests, and more.  We are fast, reliable, and can have you on the road to feeling better in no time.

An overtaxed emergency room may take up to two hours or more to help, because they handle patients based on the severity of their conditions. This is called triage. If somebody comes in after you but has a more dire situation, they’ll move to the front of the line. That’s what emergency rooms are for, severe and dire circumstances. Your wait time will be considerably less at the urgent care.

Why Choose M.D. Express

If your injury or illness isn’t life threatening, consider heading to your local M.D. Express urgent care for quick, reliable service and quality treatment. You’ll be in and out faster than if you went to the hospital, and the convenience of non-traditional hours means you won’t have to wait until your family doctor can fit you in.  We have six convenient locations with extended hours so that you can get the care you need. At M.D. Express Urgent Care, The Doctor is Always in!