skip the emergency roomIf you’re dealing with a medical issue outside of regular business hours or if you don’t have a primary care physician, then you might think that you should head straight to the emergency room. However, you do have another option: going to an M.D. Express urgent care facility.

Of course, the emergency room is the best choice when you’re dealing with an actual emergency. However, if you’re just looking for an alternative to going to more traditional primary care doctor, these are a few reasons why M.D. Express can be the best choice.

Avoid Tying Up the Emergency Room

For one thing, you should know that when a lot of people head to the emergency room for non-emergency medical care, this can really slow things down. To help ensure that medical staff in the emergency room are able to tend to others’ emergency medical situations quickly, consider heading to an urgent care facility for non-emergencies.

Save Money on Medical Care

It’s no secret that being treated at the emergency room is not cheap. Urgent care facilities, on the other hand, often specialize in offering affordable care. If you are going to be paying the bill out-of-pocket, you’ll probably find that you’ll come out spending less if you choose an urgent care facility instead of going to the emergency room.

Avoid Long Wait Times

Lastly, as you might already know, wait times can be long in the emergency room. Plus, emergencies are often prioritized and handled first. If you’re there for a non-emergency, you could find yourself waiting for a long time before you’re able to get treated. At an urgent care facility, you may be able to get in and out more quickly.

There are various reasons why it’s better to go to an urgent care facility rather than the emergency room when you’re dealing with a medical issue that isn’t an emergency. Luckily, M.D. Express Urgent Care facilities are equipped to provide a wide range of different treatments, so you should be able to get the treatment that you need at one of our 6 convenient locations near you.  The doctor is always in!