Tips to Stay Healthy During Cold Weather MonthsEven if you’re a health-conscious person who watches their diet and exercises, colder months can have you sitting inside watching TV eating junk food. It becomes an easy habit to fall into. Some people find themselves gaining weight and being sick often for ignoring simple practices that can keep your health at its prime. In this post, we will discuss some ways to stay healthy during cold weather.

Some common myths that come with cooler months is that rain and cold weather can make you sick. Contrary to popular belief, viruses and bacteria make you sick, not having a wet head or cold hands. However, the cooler months are more apt to bring in bacteria and other viruses through animals, critters and different air conditions. No matter how young you are, health is important. Here are some helpful tips to stay healthy during cool weather months.

Air Quality

In the winter, people spend more time indoors than out. For that reason, indoor air quality should be high on your priority list. Pollutants can negatively affect your health. Consider replacing air filters monthly and washing all bedding once a week.

Flu Shot

No one likes going to the doctor, but getting a flu shot can safeguard you from the flu. This is especially true in the very young and very old as the body’s immune system isn’t equipped to fight off infection as easily. Washing your hands won’t necessarily fight off infection.

Eat Healthy

There are several foods that can help give your immune system a boost during the cold season. Eat a diet high in green, leafy vegetables; low-fat dairy; lean proteins; fruits and vegetables; whole grains and other nutritious foods. Not only are they comforting, but they are nutritious.

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is the number one way to fight against germs in the air and on surfaces. The colder months bring along bacteria and other airborne pollutants that can make you sick.


Staying motivated to eat healthily and exercise in the cooler months can be difficult. However, as adults, we need at least 30-60 minutes of it a day. Grab some weather-appropriate gear and bundle up to help keep you warm and motivated.

Staying Hydrated

Water is crucial to overall health. Getting dehydrated happens a lot more often than people think. During the winter, the body loses a lot of water and some people have a hard time rehydrating. Make sure you replenish fluids often throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Wellness Checks

Keeping up on wellness visits to the doctor can be crucial. Annual visits can help maintain health and allows you to talk about things that may be concerning to you. Blood work and other tests can be done to help keep your health in check. Stop by M.D. Express Urgent Care for a wellness check-up at your earliest convenience and stay healthy during cold weather!