When Are Stitches Absolutely Necessary?Cuts and scrapes are commonplace in our busy lives, and while most can be treated at home with simple means, sometimes these injuries require medical intervention to stop blood loss, close the wound, or prevent infection. Determining when a laceration or an abrasion will require stitches can be a tricky matter. M.D. Express Urgent Care shares 3 tell-tale signs that your wound needs to be stitched up by a medical professional.

Basic Care Doesn’t Cut It

You’ve tried all of the preliminary measures that you know to clean up your cut or scrape, and the bleeding is getting worse. If after gently cleaning the cut, applying direct pressure to the wound, and slightly elevating it for a few minutes and the bleeding persists, you should seek medical help. Furthermore, if you’ve done these steps, applied a bandage, and the bleeding is not subsiding, you need to see a doctor to stitch your wound.

It’s Not An Ordinary Cut

If your injury leaves damage with jagged, rough edges that don’t seal back together on their own when pressure is applied, or your cut contains debris like gravel, metal, glass, or other foreign material, treatment is beyond the scope of home care. You will need to get stitches to stop the bleeding, clean the site, and prevent infection. Perhaps your cut isn’t even a cut at all, but an animal bite, a puncture wound, or an injury caused by a rusty or dirty object. If this is the case, you should certainly seek a doctor’s advice, as the germs and bacteria associated with these wounds create added cause for concern.

Secondary Symptoms Appear

Sometimes you’re able to take care of cuts and scrapes at home, but there are other warning signs that should be taken seriously. If the site of your injury is warm to the touch, contains pus or prominent signs of infection, you will need to have the cut looked at by a professional. Occasionally, infection can set in at the site and then cause other symptoms such as fever, chills, or even nausea. Should these occur, see a doctor right away. These can be an indication of a much more serious condition. 


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