md express open hoursTrying to decide what type of care to seek for yourself, your child, or your loved one can be confusing, particularly when you’re trying to decide if you should seek care from your primary physician, urgent care, or the ER. While M.D Express Urgent Care shouldn’t replace your primary physician, it can be a great place to go when your physician’s office is closed and you have a non-life threatening emergency. You’ll get the same quality care that your own doctor would offer, without the longer wait times of the ER. 

Here are some examples of non-life threatening ailments that can be handled by urgent care providers:

  1. Strep throat: Getting on antibiotics for strep throat can significantly shorten the duration of this illness. If you or your child come down with symptoms of strep throat over a weekend, urgent care can get you the prescription you need to past it quickly.
  2. Minor falls and accidents: Falls can be serious. If you or your loved one falls and shows symptoms of head trauma, go to the ER. However, falls that lead to cuts that might require stitches or fractures can be handled by urgent care. M.D. Express Urgent Care facilities have on-site x-ray machines.
  3. Tick bites: Going camping or hiking over the weekend can be relaxing, but if you come home and discover you have a tick bite, you should go to your nearest urgent care instead of waiting until your doctor’s office opens on Monday. M.D. Express can test you for Lyme disease.
  4. Cold and flu: Urgent care can give you the flu shot and also give you medicine to help your cold and flu symptoms that are most effective when taken within 2 days of your symptoms developing.
  5. Ear infections: A lot of kids get frequent ear infections, so parents quickly recognize the symptoms. If your child develops an ear infection and you can’t get in for a same-day appointment with your primary care doctor, go to an urgent care facility for quick treatment.

All of these situations can be handled by your primary care doctor, but if your doctor’s office is closed or unavailable, M.D. Express Urgent Care can get you the treatment you need in a timely manner. At M.D. Express, The Doctor Is Always In!