Your Flu Shot Info GuideFlu season is back! Excited? Perhaps not, but with dropping temperatures, falling leaves, and a fast-approaching holiday season, it’s all too obvious that the flu is on its way, too. Just because it’s flu season doesn’t mean your fun is ruined. Rather, getting a flu shot reduces your risk of getting the flu by up to 60%, which is nothing to sneeze at. To help you get started understanding flu season and the flu shot, we at M.D. Express Urgent Care are pleased to provide three facts that you should know when considering the flu vaccine.

When is Flu Season?

Flu season fluctuates, but it can start as early as October and stick around as late as May. Once the vaccine has been taken, it is important to remember that it will still take a few weeks for your body to create the antibodies necessary to protect you from the virus. With this in mind, it is most effective to get your flu shot before the season peaks, which is usually in December and January. If you decide to hold off for a few months, however, there are still benefits to getting the flu shot later in the season.

Should You Get the Flu Vaccine?

People ages 6 months and older are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control to get an annual flu vaccine. Young children, older adults, pregnant women, and people with certain health conditions should especially get the vaccine. If you are allergic to eggs or have previously reacted poorly to the flu vaccine, please consult a doctor before receiving it.

The Ever-Evolving Virus

Your flu shot this year will help fight off this year’s strain of flu. However, the antibodies in the vaccine do decline as time progresses, so it’s important to get flu shots year after year. Another reason to get the vaccine yearly is because the flu virus is constantly evolving, meaning that last year’s vaccine may not match up with this year’s strain. In order to stay current, it’s best to get the vaccine each year.


M.D. Express is happy to provide patients with a flu vaccine. With six convenient locations, we encourage you to come in and update your flu vaccine today!